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SOS Alarmtech Security (Pvt) Ltd:

SOS Alarmtech Security is a leading provider of high-tech security systems and risk solutions to all sectors of the Zimbabwean market. SOS Alarmtech was formed in August 1998 with the vision of providing world-class security and risk solution products and services.  We have achieved exceptional success in this objective and are now established as one of the leading risk solution companies in Zimbabwe.

The SOS Alarmtech product portfolio provides ideal solutions for every sector of the market. By building strategic partnerships with the leading security product companies, we can ensure that we provide the most appropriate technical solutions supported by a quality service. Supported by suppliers, as well as, internal training, ensures that our experienced security and risk specialists keep current with world-wide technological   trends.

SOS Alarmtech has grown to become one of the most influential and trusted suppliers of risk and security solutions with a very solid foundation of thriving clients. Our risk and security solutions are relied upon across all industry sectors, including, but not limited to, Financial Services, Banking Sector, Mining, Telecommunications, Retail, Manufacturing, Distribution, Agricultural, Diplomatic, and finally Domestic. Our policy of becoming security partners with our clients, rather than just suppliers and installers, has fueled our growth and success.

Technology Leadership and Quality Assurance

Our policy of product selection at SOS Alarmtech is to always provide the most technologically advanced and robust products for the target market in the areas of Intruder Alarm Systems, Fire Alarm Systems, Access Control Systems, Time & Attendance Systems, Closed Circuit Television Systems, Guard Monitoring Systems, Perimeter Intrusion Detections Systems, Retail Shrinkage Management Systems, Collision Avoidance Systems, Tag and Track, Conveyor Belt Rip Systems, Leaky Feeder Communications, Gas Detection Systems and many more for the mining industry. We balance the leading technological advanced systems with value for money, quality, dependability of the manufacturer and relevance to our client needs, as part of a quality assurance process.

Since this industry is a high-tech product sector, with innovation its key culture, most of the critical products are imported. We only partner with manufacturers that have an international or regional reputation, have proven product and distributor support and are prepared to extend 12-month warranties, where applicable, to the end user. We look for dependability of both product performance and product support from our manufacturers as part of our quality assurance process.

We do not supply "cheap" quick fix solutions.

Support Services? World-Class Service & Support:

SOS Alarmtech has, from its inception, invested considerable resources to create a world-class support organization that includes direct access to our security professionals. Whilst most security vendors can provide basic technical support, world-class support requires providing consistent support regardless of customer size or complexity. World-class service and support is based on building long-term customer relationships, developing an in-depth understanding of customers' business objectives and support issues and having a vested interest in customers' ongoing success. By building strong relationships, SOS Alarmtech also learns invaluable information about how customers use security products for strategic applications. These insights are applied to our future strategies, product portfolios and subsequent customer implementations.

SOS Alarmtech support services, together with our comprehensive training, have led to high levels of overall customer satisfaction. Our customer-centric approach to support services consists of five key attributes:

•               Expertise and teamwork to ensure a customers needs are met.

•               Flexibility to tailor services to individual needs:

•               Responsiveness before, during and after the implementation:

•               Quality emphasis on both products and implementation methodology:

•               Consistency to assure customers' needs are met to satisfaction - any place, any time:

Payment Terms:

Generally, our payment terms are 80% on acceptance of a quotation with an official order and the final 20% on completion and hand over.



Alarms, CCTV, Acces Control, Time & Attendance, HR & Payroll, Fire Safety and Prevension, Fibre Optice Intrusion prevention,  and Specilised Mining solutions



SOS Alarmtech selects their partners to provide the foundation, resources, expertise, regional alliances, and knowledgeable experience, on which, together, we can grow your African business model


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